Privacy Policy

Who we are

We are CuddleGeek, professional cuddlers. Our website address is

What personal data we collect and why we collect it

We intentionally collect as little information as possible, and only the information essential to providing the client with the service they desire. Here are the data elements we typically collect:

  • The name the client likes to go by
  • Required contact information such as email and phone number
  • The time and date of each scheduled sessions
  • In the case of out call the address of the place where the session is to take place.

No other information is collected in any form. As outlined in the Client Agreement no other information shall be collected. There will be no session notes or anything else.

We will not share any information we have on any client, including who is or isn’t a client, to anyone without written approval from said client or a duly executed court order compelling such release.

The client is in complete charge of their information and if they wish to get a copy of the information we have on them or they wish for the information to be destroyed just email us at and we will comply immediately.