List of few places I find noteworthy

Photo by Tim Johnson on Unsplash

Dev Related

Sites I developed or own

  • Öruggt Net ehf This is a venture I started up while unemployed in 2024. It’s an LLC type of a company registered in Iceland to provide cybersecurity consultancy
  • BSides Reykjavik In January of 2023 I talked a few buddies into starting a non-profit organization with the goal of organizing low cost cybersecurity conferences under the Global BSide Security umbrella
  • API Response Tester This site will test your error handling in code that consumes any API. See page for more details.
  • Secrets Sharing Site that allows secrets to be shared securely and anonymously. Code for this site can be found in my Github Repo
  • Validate Link Is a simple one pager with two sub domains to serve as a test point for tools that validate TLS certificates.
  • Information Security Help Side venture I started in 2019 to help folks stay safe online. I never really got it off the ground though and is now defunct except for the blog.
  • Íslenski Tölvukarlinn Icelandic version of this site.

Dance Places


Geek Stuff

  • Ultra Edit Text Editor Extremely powerful yet lightweight text editor, great for dev work and general text file editing.
  • My BitBucket Here you can look at and download various scripts I’ve written
  • Geek dot Com Site filled with all sorts of geeky articles along with reviews of various gadgets and gizmo
  • Sublime Text Lightweight editor that even better than UltraEdit in every aspect. This text editor is positively sublime.
  • NewEgg This is one web store I spend way too much money at buying gadgets and gizmo o’plenty. This is my go-to store when I need computer parts, whether an upgrade or building a whole new computer.
  • Nanitor New company in the vulnerability management space, making vulnerability management easy.



Here are few links I’ve bookmarked that are cuddle related. None of these offer cuddling in Iceland last time I checked, they are all very US focused.