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One question that often comes up when discussing movies is what constitute a Christmas movie. Sometimes the discussion gets even more specific and people passionately debate whether or not Die Hard is a Christmas movie. For the record my stance is that Die Hard is not a Christmas movie. I believe I understand those that argue for the idea that Die Hard is a Christmas movie (beyond the group that is taking that stance just to be a brat). Some people believe that all movies set during Christmas and make frequent references to the fact that it is Christmas, makes that movie a Christmas movie. I am not in this camp. To me a Christmas movie is a feel good movie that carries the message of Christmas, piece on earth, goodwill to men, doing good deeds, etc. And as is the case with Christmas, it is the thought that counts. What matters is that in the story they are trying to do good, even if they are a complete failure of it. Of course ultimately it really comes down to personal taste and preferences. There is no need for some universal agreement on what constitutes a Christmas movie.

With that out of the and speaking of personal preferences lets discuss what sort of movies and TV episodes I like. I have a very wide range of preferences. I like suspense, action, thrillers, sci-fi, romantic comedies (or romcoms), and even romance movies (aka chick flicks). The one movie genre I’m not into is horror movies, those don’t appeal to me. Many of my favorite movies contain strong female lead, the confident, take no crap, ass kicking kind. Either literally or figurative ass kicking is good with me.

Let me list out some of my favorites, these are just listed in the order I thought of them

Here are some of the TV Shows that first come to mind